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Guidance material

We have finalised the first series of guidance and education materials to help prepare you for the new regulatory scheme, which starts on 1 July 2024.

The purpose of this guidance is to provide you with an understanding of the new Social Services Standards. More detailed and specific guidance will be developed and released over time.

The new standards will replace the Human Service Standards. Many social services providers may have policies and procedures in line with the Human Services Standards.

The outcomes for safe service delivery under the Social Services Standards are broadly in line with the Human Services Standards. However, there are some more specific requirements for providers to put in place and maintain.

Complying with the new Social Services Standards

The Regulator will take a graduated approach to regulating the new standards. This means the initial focus will be on informing and educating organisations about their obligations under the new standards.

For some organisations, it may take time and effort to get things right and they may not have fully completed implementation by 1 July 2024.

Over time, the Regulator will expect organisations to have comprehensively implemented the new standards.

Standard 1: Safe service delivery
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Standard 2: Service user agency and dignity
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Standard 3: Safe service environment
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Standard 4: Feedback and complaints
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Standard 5: Accountable organisational governance
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Standard 6: Safe workforce
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