4. Program eligibility – What will be funded?

4.1 Eligible activities and expenses

Activities undertaken by organisations will be coordinated with Department led marketing, engagement, and communications activities to promote the Pilot.

  • The Department will manage and deliver all paid advertising, media events and ministerial opportunities, Sick Pay Guarantee brand, and cross government promotion.
  • The Department has procured an agency who will develop tailored communication material for priority communities using Sick Pay Guarantee brand, including translations and other public relations activities.

Applications should exhibit an organisation’s understanding of the nature of the problem facing workers in accessing Pilot programs, similar to and including the Sick Pay Guarantee. They should indicate which priority communities and locations their organisation can best support and how. Applications should articulate how your organisation will be undertaking outreach into the community.

An organisation may use funding to enlist community outreach officers tasked with delivering targeted and proactive engagement and communications activities that fit within an approved project delivery plan.

The project delivery plan will be a part of your application, with a template provided in the application form for completion.

4.1.1 Example activities and eligible expenditure may include:

  • Planning activities:
    • co-development of communication and engagement plans in collaboration with the Department.
  • Communications activities:
    • *facilitating tailored messaging flows through the appropriate channels, and
    • provision of strategic advice to the Department on targeting harder to reach communities.
  • Engagement activities:
    • reaching into networks and employers of eligible workers facilitating registrations,
    • attending or hosting relevant community and industry events, or having pop-up stalls at priority locations, to promote the Pilot,
    • organising community registration sessions,
    • holding seminars (online/offline), and
    • collaborating with community leaders making the Pilot more accessible to their communities.
  • Other value adding activities:
    • conducting surveys and data collection activities to assist with Pilot evaluation,
    • identifying case studies for the Department within the community.

Eligible activities are not limited to the above, these just being some examples.

For consortia applications, project management and operational support will also be considered as an eligible expense.

*Note the Department will provide co-branded and tailored assets, grant recipients are not required to create new creative assets.

4.1.2 Example eligible expenditure:

  • HR/Onboarding costs/payroll/admin,
  • IT software and related infrastructure,
  • management support, and
  • travel to undertake approved activities and venue hire.

4.2 Ineligible project expenses

Grant funding may not be expended on:

  • retrospective funding for activities that have already begun,
  • legal and accounting fees,
  • capital expenditure,
  • costs relating the preparing the grant application,
  • GST, and
  • costs associated with the day to day running of the organisation.

You can only spend the grant funding on eligible expenditure you have incurred on eligible activities, that fit within the Program objectives.

The Department makes the final decision on what is an eligible activity or expenditure under the Program.