5. What is the application process?

Applications must be submitted by 5pm on the closing date. Please note that late applications will not be accepted.

Assessment of applications will commence as soon as the application period concludes.

We anticipate all applicants will be advised in writing via email of the outcome of their application within approximately 30 days of the closing date.

5.1 Preparing an application

  1. Read these guidelines and Program FAQs on the website to guide your application.
  2. Attend an information session (optional), times and dates will be on the program website.
  3. Consider how your project meets the assessment criteria.
  4. Supply all necessary supporting documents to apply as detailed (see 5.3 Documentation and Information Requirements).
  5. Complete and submit the application form available on the website/portal within the open period.
  6. Ensure you have received email confirmation of application submission.

Only final applications will be considered. If you have any questions, please contact the Department at spgpeopleandplaces@ecodev.vic.gov.au.

5.2 Applicable policies

5.2.1 Local Jobs First Policy

Grant projects are subject to LJF where the value of the grant meets the Local Jobs First financial thresholds as follows:

  • $1 million or more for regional projects, or
  • $3 million or more for metropolitan Melbourne or statewide projects.

For further information, grant applicants should refer to the LJF Policy and guidelines which can be found on the Local Jobs First website.

5.2.2 Fair Jobs Code compliance

For organisations seeking a grant funding amount of over $500,000 it may be required that a Fair Jobs Code Pre-Assessment Certificate is required with the application. For further information, please visit the Fair Jobs Code web page or contact the Department.

5.3 Documentation and information requirements

Mandatory documentation

Completed application form including:

  • Applying organisation and contact details,
  • A detailed project delivery plan outlining which priority communities and/or locations can be supported,
  • Project timeline relating to milestones,
  • Completion of all questions relating to the selection criteria (see 6.1 Assessment Criteria),
  • Proposed project budget,
  • Evidence of sufficient internal resources to allocate to the project, and
  • Any project risk or mitigation strategies.

For proposals that target young people groups (15–25), and/or include engagement activities that are directly delivered to young people under the age of 18, please include evidence of:

  • Applicant incorporation as separate legal entities,
  • Appropriate insurance against child abuse,
  • Appropriate Working with Children checks and/or screening checks for direct delivery staff, and
  • Applicant organisation’s child abuse prevention policy/procedure or child safe statement/code of conduct (see 8.4 Child Safe Considerations).

*For grant applications of $50,001 or more, Applicants will be required to provide documentation to enable the completion of a Financial Risk Assessment (FRA):

  • Audited financial reports for the last three financial years. This should be the ‘final accounts’ with a directors’ report and declaration, and should include profit and loss statement, balance sheet, cash flows, and notes to the accounts. If accounts are not audited, unaudited accounts from an Accountant will be accepted.
  • If the latest financial report is more than six months old, up-to-date management or interim accounts for the current year including profit and loss statement and balance sheet, and, in the case of public listed corporations, a half yearly financial report.

*Exemptions may apply, please contact the Department for guidance.

Supporting documentation

  • Letters of support where relevant, for example from local councils, local business etc.
  • Materials evidencing previous similar services delivered that may support the merit of an application.

5.3.1 Financial Risk Assessment exemptions include:

  • Entities applying for a grant of up to and including $50,000 – Due Diligence Check Only,
  • Federal and state government departments and statutory agencies,
  • Local governments, and
  • Publicly funded universities and educational institutions.

5.3.2 Notes on submitting documentation and materials:

  • You can upload and submit up to 5 files and/or 5 URLs (external links),
  • Attached files can be no more than 25MB in size each, and
  • It may be necessary to combine supporting material into one document in some instances, i.e., multiple images or letters of support may be compiled into one PDF or PowerPoint file.