6. Assessment process

All applications will be assessed for compliance and eligibility, and will undergo due diligence checks, including Financial Risk Assessments where required.

Eligible applications will be assessed and scored against the assessment criteria (see 6.1 Assessment Criteria) by an assessment panel of Departmental staff.

All supplementary attachments and information provided as part of the application will be taken into consideration during the assessment process.

In addition to being scored against the criteria (see 6.1 Assessment Criteria), applications will also be considered against the spread of projects to ensure fair and consistent coverage across communities and locations.

Applications that propose service delivery to the communities and locations previously highlighted (see 1.3 Priority Communities and Locations) are preferred, especially those that can reach across multiple communities and locations.

Recommendations will be determined based on assessment score, spread of projects across geographic locations, priority communities and funding available.

Applications will be recommended for approval by the Minister for Employment.

The Minister for Employment is responsible for the approval of grant funding.

Note: Not all applications will be successful. Meeting the assessment criteria does not guarantee you will receive funding.

6.1 Assessment criteria

Selection criteriaConsiderationsWeighting
Program outcomes (see 1.2 Program outcomes)
  • How well the proposed project aligns with Program outcomes.
  • Outline methods to be used in targeting the priority communities and/or the priority locations to drive program uptake.
  • Can articulate why the Sick Pay Guarantee is important to your network or community.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the nature of insecure work and the problem faced by priority communities in accessing the Pilot.
Quality of outreach
  • Applicants demonstrate networks and positive working relationships with local communities and industry that will support and maximise the impact of their promotion of Sick Pay Guarantee.
  • Express which community groups/channels your organisation can support, indicating how they relate to our priority communities and locations.
  • The described proposed approach presents creative and proactive ideas for community outreach that will remove barriers for workers who are not aware of or trying to
    access the Pilot.

Organisational capacity and capability

(Organisational capacity to meet minimum reporting and collaboration standards should be demonstrated in your application – see 8.3 Program Monitoring and Evaluation for more information).

  • Exhibits capability to support multiple priority communities and locations for the Pilot.
  • Demonstrates the ability to collaborate with other organisations.
  • Applications must demonstrate that the organisation has current capacity to successfully deliver the, including, for example, the expected standards in reporting and evaluation.
  • Provide an example/s of prior service delivery to your community and why it succeeded.
  • Delivery timeline is appropriate for the project and Program timelines.
  • Realistic proposed resource allocation and strategies to connect with potential eligible workers.
  • Relevant core skills within an organisation are identified (i.e. language, networks, etc.).
  • Demonstrates organisational capacity to meet the expected standards in reporting and evaluation.
Value for money
  • Appropriate budgeting for the proposed activities.
  • How well the project maximises the value and outcomes from the requested funding.

6.2 Applicant checks

Applicants are subject to due diligence assessments to enable the Department to assess financial and other non-financial risks associated with the application. Outcomes from such assessments may be considered in any decision to recommend or award a grant and in contracting with successful applicants.

The Department may, at any time, remove an applicant from the application and assessment process, if in the Department’s opinion, association with the applicant may bring the Department, a Minister or the State of Victoria into disrepute.