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Vocational and applied learning workforce programs for senior secondary schools

Professional learning programs funded by the Victorian Government as part of the senior secondary schooling pathway reforms.

A great senior secondary education requires a highly skilled and world-class workforce, including teachers, trainers, and staff in schools to support vocational and applied learning.

Vocational and applied learning professional development

The Department of Education is supporting teachers, trainers, and school staff to develop their expertise in vocational and applied learning.

Our suite of professional learning for new and existing vocational and applied learning teachers supports the introduction of the VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate.

The Industry Connect program

Industry Connect is a professional learning program for vocational education and training (VET) teachers and trainers working in government schools. The program enhances participants’ industry skills, knowledge, and professional networks.

Depending on your industry currency needs, options are available to:

  • help you keep your industry currency and
  • meet RTO standards.

Delivered by the VET Development Centre (VDC), Industry Connect includes:

  • an online professional learning community
  • industry-led forums and masterclasses supported by industry experts for each of the priority set of VET pathways
  • a tailored coaching and mentoring program to help participants maintain their industry knowledge
  • the VDC Virtual Teaching and Learning Conference.

Casual relief teaching funding will be available to support participation in this program.

Registration for the 2023 Industry Connect program is open until 7 March 2023. To learn more and register, visit the VDC Industry Connect Program page.

The Certificate IV in Training and Assessment Fund

This fund gives schools access to Certificate IV in Training and Assessment (TAE) training. It allows schools to upskill eligible teachers and support staff and industry professionals so they can deliver VET in subject areas aligned to their existing skills and experience.

It helps schools that have been unable to recruit appropriate staff expand their ability to deliver VET, which is an important part of delivering the VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate.

Access to TAE training for 2023 will be allocated through VET place-based planning. For more information, contact:

Applied Learning Scholarship Program

The Applied Learning Scholarship Program is supporting 100 teachers in government schools to undertake Deakin University's Graduate Certificate of Applied Learning and Teaching.External Link

This one-year, fully online program allows participants to explore a variety of teaching styles, strategies, and to develop valuable networks with like-minded teachers from across Victoria.

Participants’ course fees are fully paid by the department. Schools can access 4 days of casual relief teacher funding to support program participants to undertake their studies.

Applications for this program have closed and all scholarships have been awarded.

Professional development support to VET trainers

This professional learning program supported VET trainers and teachers working in secondary schools to develop the knowledge and confidence to transfer industry skills into supporting young people's learning in the secondary school context.

The program supported VET trainers to complete up to 36 hours of professional development, with sessions on:

  • VET trainer and school leader engagement
  • understanding and engaging the adolescent learner
  • VET training and assessment
  • VRQA regulatory information
  • VET within secondary schools.

This program has completed.

Reviewed 24 January 2023


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