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About the Passwords campaign

We’re asking Victorians, will your password pass the test of time?

We know cybersecurity sometimes gets overlooked amongst the competing demands of our day to day.

To get Victorians thinking about their password hygiene, we’re encouraging you to head to the Service Victoria website to test the strength of a password using a new, secure online tool. 

The tool is complemented by advice that empowers community members to implement 6 easy steps to improve their password hygiene:

  • Use passphrases (four or more random words)
  • Use a different password for each account
  • Make your passwords harder to guess by avoiding predictable words
  • Use a password manager
  • Update your passwords when required
  • Turn on multi-factor authentication

Help share the message

To support Victorians to protect themselves from cyber threats, we need your help to share the message. 

To support this campaign, we have created this page which includes a range of tools and resources for you to share the campaign messaging to your stakeholders and networks in the Victorian community.  

You can share these materials on your own channels (for example, LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram) to help spread the message and awareness.  

Social media

These social media tiles can be used on a post to create awareness of the campaign. 

Please tag us in any posts

Campaign resources

These are 15-second moving visual assets you can share on your social media channels. 

Download the individual images for use in a carousel. 

Social media static content
zip 10.43 MB
(opens in a new window)
A view of a Melbourne river with a building towers in the background, a bridge, trees and a blue sky
Will your password pass the test of time
A darker, stylised version of the city of Melbourne in the future
A stronger password could take centurie to hack
It's time to improve your online security
Future-proof your online security -

How to download the image: 

  1. Select the asset download link above. 
  2. The image will open up in a new window.
  3. On the image, use your mouse to right-click and select Save Image as.
  4. Save to your chosen folder.
  5. Select save.

High res images for download

Stay safe online

Download the stay safe online banner image(opens in a new window).

  • Dimensions: 3440x1440px

Download the cyber safety tips image.

  • Dimensions: 400x300px

Download the learn about online risks image.

  • Dimensions: 400x300px

Download the get help image.

  • Dimensions: 400x300px
Password strength tester

Download the password strength tester image.

  • Dimensions: 400x300px
Stay safe online email signature

Download the password campaign email signature.

  • Dimensions: 400x100px

Stakeholder kit

The stakeholder kit contains 

  • information about the campaign 
  • resources that can be used to share the messaging of the campaign. 
Communications kit – Password campaign
Word 5.23 MB
(opens in a new window)

We ask that you please share any data, feedback and analytics relating to this campaign at the end of the campaign period (2 May – 30 June 2024) to include in our campaign evaluation.  

We thank you for your support.  

If you have any questions, please contact