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How to report cybercrime and online scams

Learn about the simple actions you can take to report cybercrime and online scams.

If you’re in danger or need immediate police attendance 

Call the Police on Triple Zero (000).

If you need non-urgent police assistance 

Call the Police Assistance line on 131 444 or go to your local police station.  

Reporting cybercrime and online scams is easy. Keep reading to learn how to make a report. 

Report cybercrime

You can report cybercrime securely using ReportCyber 

ReportCyber is an online cybercrime reporting system run by the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC).  

You can report a range of cybercrime including: 

  • cyber abuse 
  • online image abuse 
  • online shopping fraud 
  • relationship fraud 
  • identity theft with an online component 
  • email compromise 
  • ransomware  
  • malware.  

Your report will be referred directly to the relevant law enforcement agency for assessment.  

Keep in mind that Victoria Police is not able to recover any funds lost due to cybercrime. They may contact you for further information or to request your evidence. 

Tips for making a report: 

  • Contact your bank ASAP: If you’ve lost money, contact your bank or financial institution as soon as possible.  
  • Provide written evidence: You can’t upload attachments to your ReportCyber report. So make sure to include as much written information as possible in your report.  
  • Make a copy of your evidence: Make a copy of any before removing it from a website or other public forum. For example, any screenshots, emails and chat logs that show what’s happened. 

Visit the ReportCyber website to learn more. You can also visit the Victoria Police website for more information. 

Report scams  

If you think you’ve been targeted by a scam, but haven’t lost money or personal information, make a report to Scamwatch.   

Scamwatch can use your report to help remove scam websites, scam ads and contact details.  

If you’ve suffered a loss of funds or information, make a report to Report.Cyber. 

Top tip

Keep safe by learning how to identify the warning signs of scams 

Report online harm 

Report complaints about severe online abuse to eSafety. For example, cyberbullying, illegal violent content or the sharing of explicit images without consent. 

eSafety helps Australians experiencing online bullying or abuse to take action or make a complaint.  

Get support 

Visit our Get support page for further advice and resources to support you, including support for identity theft and misuse, online harms, and financial assistance for scams.