HWL Ebsworth cyber breach

Attributable to the Victorian Government Chief Information Security Officer David Cullen

Following its announcement in April 2023 of a major cyber breach, law firm HWL Ebsworth has now confirmed that information relating to its work with several Victorian Government departments and agencies has been released by cyber criminals to the dark web.

We are taking this matter extremely seriously, and are working in partnership with the Commonwealth Government, and can confirm that there has been no direct breach of Victorian Government IT systems.

HWL Ebsworth is in direct contact with impacted departments and agencies to provide advice on the specific information that has been exposed.

Where that information relates to members of the Victorian community, departments and agencies will make direct contact with those impacted as soon possible to provide tailored advice and support because we know data breaches can be distressing, especially when personal information is involved.

HWL Ebsworth has partnered with IDCARE, Australia’s national identity and cyber support community service, to support anyone affected by this incident. These services are available at no cost to affected individuals.

The Victorian Government expects all suppliers to maintain strong cyber security measures to protect government and community data, and we have sought assurances from HWL Ebsworth on the cyber security protections applied to Victorian Government data.

Supporting impacted Victorians and their wellbeing, remains a top priority.