Prevent a cyber incident

Prevention is better than a cure! Discover how to prepare your organisation so it is less vulnerable to a cyber attack.

Cyber security should be a priority for all Victorian Government organisations.

Here are 7 basic steps you can take to improve your organisation’s cyber security:

  1. Use strong passwords - avoid using passwords that are easy to guess (for example, Password1 or Winder2019!).
  2. Enable multi-factor authentication on supported devices and accounts.
  3. Train staff how to spot and delete ‘phishing’ emails. Do your staff know how to tell a real email from a fake one?
  4. Keep your software up to date. Are you regularly installing the latest software updates?
  5. Use anti-virus protection to scan your devices.
  6. Never let strangers remotely access your devices. Disable remote desktop protocol for devices that don’t require it.
  7. Backup your files – keep offline backups of your most important files.

The Australian Cyber Security Centre provides useful advice for improving cyber security. You can review their advice here.

For more detailed advice and steps on improving your cyber security, see the ACSC’s Essential Eight.

Reviewed 25 August 2019

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