Organisational structure

The Portable Long Service Authority is led by the Chief Executive Officer / Registrar and has six key business units to support the delivery of the Scheme.

Business units


The Finance business unit underpins the Authority’s operations whilst the Head of Finance has specific responsibilities under the Financial Management Act 1994. It is responsible for performance monitoring, responsible budgeting and a robust investment strategy, which ensures that the entitlements of registered workers are managed prudently and helps to ensure the sustainability of the Scheme.


Customer Service and Education

The Customer Service and Education team delivers the core registry and Scheme administration functions by responding to queries from workers and employers, assisting employers to apply for registration, assessing and determining registration applications along with submission and review of quarterly returns. During the next three years, the team will expand to include the processing of claims from workers who have accrued seven years of service.

Compliance and Enforcement

The Compliance and Enforcement team is responsible for ensuring compliance across the Authority’s key compliance and enforcement areas, including pursuing employers who have failed to register, submit quarterly returns and/or pay levies.

The team applies strategic risk-based, intelligence-led principles to implement an effective and proportionate compliance and enforcement program to ensure all employers comply with the Scheme.

Research and Engagement

The Research and Engagement team undertakes research and provides data analysis support to inform the Authority’s activities and implement a range of education and engagement initiatives to grow employer and worker registration.


Supports the Authority by providing practical legal advice that advances the Authority’s objectives whilst being consistent with the law and regulatory environment. The unit provides both in-house commercial legal advice in conjunction with advice on the Authority’s regulatory obligations.


Responsible for establishing good governance, including an integrity framework, ensuring comprehensive risk management practices, corporate planning and project management.


Supports and facilitates the efficient and effective running of the Governing Board, Audit and Risk Committee and relevant subcommittees established from time to time.

Facilities and Information Technology


Manages the Authority’s accommodation and other fixed asset leases, as well as supporting infrastructure, including telephony systems and facilities.

Information Technology

Ensures the Authority operates to its full potential by providing quality IT support – including IT security – to business units and staff, as well as management of the Authority’s external portal for employers and workers.

Communications and Engagement

Leads communications and engagement with internal and external stakeholders to ensure that employers understand and are meeting their obligations. The Communications and Engagement business unit also ensures communications so workers are aware of their rights, engage with the website and portal and report non-compliant employers.

People and Culture

Supports the growth and development of the Authority’s staff by helping create a safe and welcoming work environment. The team empowers staff to thrive and drive a positive culture but is also responsible for ensuring that the Authority has a robust performance development and performance management framework.