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Summary of intro banner - a feature created so a page can have a hero image in the banner and then on this feature you can have an intro sentence and top links. This is limited to 200 characters


Find a job in Victorian Government

This page is a general guide on finding a job. For information on how to find, apply for and start a job in the Victorian Government, visit Careers Victoria. 

Find a Victorian Government job

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This page has social sharing turned off so it will display as 3 columns. Ordinarily this MUST not be turned off - so it's only 'home' pages where this is allowed. Above you'll see the Introduction banner and Embedded search form (options: none, events, news).

When an Intro banner is added (via the Header content tab) or there is a Primary campaign displaying, the bottom right image in the banner will not display. Above we've added all 3: an Intro banner, an Embedded search form and a Primary campaign.

Samples of various cards

Here are the following cards:

  1. Card event - completely manually managed
  2. Card event automated - will not display if event has passed, must be manually added/updated with link to
  3. (Card) promotion - I chose 3 topics but none are displaying; the URL field allows auto or manual entry
  4. Card promotion automated - you just fill in node title and CTA and the destination page's topic and intro appear
  5. Key dates - pretty manual but a bit confusing; 'Key calendar dates' is not editable

Calls to action

Here are two call to action tiles inserted in 2 possible ways.

Call to action set as banner

Call to action description. Just a text field, no WYSIWYG, so all run on, no line breaks at present. There are six call to action images. This is the "book" image. You can choose banner or card for the call to action content component; this is banner, but in a page that is using right sidebar content, the banner becomes a big tall box with an overly large image.
Call to action link text

Latest events component

Below is the Latest events component. It displays 2 rows of 3 tiles. The order of fields and labels are totally confusing. No control over topic or tag for events. If 6th card is link to see all, then the button below is extraneous?

News listing component

Below is a news listing. It will display news based on the topics or tags selected here. Can add unlimited number of topics and tags? I added 10.

Following is the featured news component. The heading can not be changed. The three displayed news items are manually added via auto links (that will only surface News items). Hence the content this section is completely manually controlled.

Card carousels

Here are a few card carousels. These should only be used on 3-column pages because they were designed to display 3 cards. The default text in the title field is "Featured Content" and you can edit it.

When creating a card carousel, you can choose from 3 radio buttons: N/A, Events, and News. If you choose news or events it will feed cards of these types, but there's no filtering for topics or tags. Probably need this! In all 3 you can also manually add cards. (You can select N/A and manually add some cards to display case studies like the NDIS services and support page.)

Below this is a secondary campaign.

Reviewed 11 August 2023

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