Joyline Tait – Event coordinator

Joyline didn’t find her calling until after completing a bachelor’s degree, so she did a diploma, and is now living her dream coordinating events.

Joyline Tait

About me

Name: Joyline Tait

Job: Event Coordinator

VET: Diploma of Event Management; Certificate III in Live Production

Location: Bulleen

I completed a Bachelors degree but it's my VET course that kick-started my career.

My story

What was your VET journey?

I faced a lot of pressure to go to university, so after Year 12 I completed a Bachelors degree in Psychology. After finishing the course, I realised that I would need many more years of study before I would be able to work in this field and I wasn't sure that this career path was for me.

I realised more and more that I had always loved everything about organising, running and attending events and I could actually have a successful career doing something I love.

I took some time out to try a Diploma in Event Management and I absolutely loved it! Now I've found a career that I'm passionate about and I couldn't be happier.

What advice would you give to students who are considering a vocational pathway?

Go for it! Research your options, go to open days and say yes to opportunities.

What challenges did you face along the way?

The Covid-19 restrictions were a challenge for the industry, so I organised online events, workshops and guest speakers for my peers to prepare for when the events industry was reactivated.

Work hours?

Normal business hours plus event times

Inside or outside?


Solo or teamwork?

It's definitely a team effort.


The fantastic events and expos that I get to create!

People don't know?

People don't know? It's really worth finding that thing that you're passionate about, and then every day is wonderful.

Average salary?

$1,500 per week for an experienced conference and event organiser

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