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About me

Name: Liaqat Ahmadi

Job: Student Attraction Officer at GOTAFE

VET: School-based traineeship in Business

Location: Shepparton

There are so many different pathways available

My story 

What do you do?

I talk to people about their career aspirations, explain their options and help them find the right pathway to reach their goals.

What was your VET journey? 

I completed a Certificate III in Business traineeship while doing Year 12 and was then offered a full-time job at GOTAFE.

At the same time, I was school captain, and also attended the Arab Youth Nations International Model United Nations.

I look forward to doing a business diploma/degree in the future. “Curiosity is the engine of achievement” is a quote I resonate with a lot which motivates me to learn more.

What advice would you give to students who are considering a vocational pathway? 

I started off in VCE but I moved to VCAL when I realised that it was a better fit for me and where I wanted to go. People think that students who study VCAL are not as intelligent and that’s not the case, we need to change that perception.

University isn’t the only option, there are so many pathways available, and so much support, as well. TAFE gives you career advice, CV writing, interview skills, and connects you with employers. There are so many opportunities.

What challenges did you face along the way?

Coming to Australia only a few years ago, I didn’t know about different pathways available other than university. Luckily my Careers teacher provided me with advice about school-based traineeships.

I’ve been really welcomed and helped in Australia, and I now want to give young people and families the same opportunities that I’ve been given.

Work hours?

Normal business hours.

Inside or outside?


Solo or teamwork?



I get to go into communities who may have barriers around education, it’s really rewarding.

People don't know?

I speak 6 languages!

Average salary?

$1,250 per week for an experienced professional, administrative, clerical, computing or technical officer at GOTAFE

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Reviewed 20 July 2021

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