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Christine Basco – Nurse

Christine Basco – Nurse

Christine found her passion in a VCE VET subject, now she has a rewarding career as a nurse.

Meet Christine

Christine Basco – Nurse

About me

Name: Christine Basco

Job: Nurse at Epworth Healthcare

VET: Certificate II in Community Services

Location: Braybrook

My VET subjects opened my eyes to what I was passionate about

My story 

What was your VET journey? 

As part of my Certificate II in Community Services, I completed my work placement as a SCOPE Facility which supports people with disabilities. This not only confirmed but strengthened my passion to advocate for stigmatised population groups within the community, and especially those who aren’t in a position to speak up for themselves.

I followed this passion and began my nursing career in the rehabilitation department. I am currently working in peri-operative services, specialising in Anaesthetics and Recovery Nursing (Post Anaesthesia Care Unit). I love being able to provide care and advocate for people when they are in their most vulnerable state.

What advice would you give to students who are considering a vocational pathway? 

Go for it! You’ll learn something new, discover your passion, and become more adaptable. Don’t leave your curiosity unanswered! You might regret it later, and think “What if I did this back then???!!!...” So put your feet in and enjoy the ride!

What challenges did you face along the way?

When I was at school, my friends and I experienced a lot of stigma because of our ethnic backgrounds: Asian and Pacific Islander. This contributed to my passion to advocate for people while also respecting and celebrating diverse ethnicities and cultures.

Christine Basco – Nurse

Work hours?

Morning, afternoon or evening shifts which are planned in advance.

Inside or outside?


Solo or teamwork?

Combination. But most of the time we work within a multi-disciplinary team of healthcare professionals.


Having the privilege to be the voice of those who are vulnerable and assisting to optimise a person’s health outcomes. Also, having your work friends alongside you working to achieve the same goal makes it enjoyable. 

People don't know?

I want to one day hopefully join the United Nations First Responders team to provide first hand medical assistance when there is a humanitarian emergency cause by natural disasters or crisis. For example, earthquakes, disease outbreaks or an epidemic. 

Average salary?

$2,500 per week for an experienced nurse.

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