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We aim to run Australia Day events and programs to encourage reflection, togetherness, and support of the values and identity of Australia.

Australia Day

Australia Day is our nation’s largest annual public celebration. It’s an opportunity to reflect on what it means to be Australian, and to celebrate all the things we love about our country: our land, sense of a fair go, lifestyle, democracy, the freedoms we enjoy and particularly our people.

Australia Day Victoria

Australia Day Victoria engages Victorians in the celebration of Australia’s national day. Australia Day continues to be popular, with 3 in 4 people believing it has a bigger meaning than just a day off. In Victoria, we create events and promote programs that encourage reflection, togetherness, and support of the values and identity of Australia.

In Victoria, we celebrate Australia Day through an established program of events and activities. We aspire to an Australia Day that increasingly includes recognition and celebration by all Australians of the importance of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders as the traditional custodians of our beautiful lands and waterways, and their centrality to the great Australian story.

Australia Day Victoria is part of the Strategic Communication, Engagement and Protocol Branch in the Department of Premier and Cabinet, and is supported by the Australia Day Committee (Victoria).

As part of the State Government of Victoria, Australia Day Victoria has strong relationships across all government departments, agencies and stakeholders to ensure that our events and programs are conducted inclusively and in collaboration with our partners and communities.

Australia Day National Network

As a member of the National Australia Day Council network, we work collaboratively with representatives across the country to deliver an inclusive, Australia-wide celebration.

Reviewed 27 March 2019

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