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Australia Day Victoria encourages all local government associations to participate in Australia Day programs and activities.

Australia Day is a day for all Australians, no matter where our personal stories began. It is a day to reflect on what it means to be Australian, to respectfully acknowledge our history and to celebrate contemporary Australia.

Local government plays a vital role in Australia Day and there are a number of programs and resources available to councils. 

Reflect, respect, celebrate

In 2020, the National Australia Day Council (NADC) launched a new campaign, 'The Story of Australia' that calls on Australian to reflect, respect and celebrate on Australia Day.

At its heart, the story of us encourages all Australians to listen, respect and celebrate with other Australians – whoever they are, wherever they come from.

The story of Australia begins over 60,000 years ago. We’re all part of the story.

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Australia Day Ambassador Program

The participation of an Australia Day Ambassador in local community events is regularly cited as one of the highlights of the day.

The Australia Day Ambassador Program will continue in 2021 but has been reimagined.

Next year, Australia Day Victoria will offer a selection of on-demand speeches and presentations for you to feature at your Australia Day events on 26 January 2021.

Find out more about Victoria’s Ambassador Program.

Citizenship ceremonies

Citizenship ceremonies are an important part of Australia Day events. They celebrate our democratic values, equality and respect for each other, and help us think about the common values which unite us as Australians. Welcoming new Australian citizens into the community on our national day helps to underscore Australia’s success as a rich and diverse multicultural society.

There are a number of citizenship promotional products available to either download or order online for your personal use or as a ceremony organiser.

For more information and to order products, visit the Department of Home Affairs Citizenship page

Reviewed 22 March 2021

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