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In January 2020, the Tribunal published its notice of intention to make a Determination of remuneration bands for executives employed in prescribed public entities.

The notice of intention also called for submissions from interested parties and the Tribunal invited public entity executives to complete a questionnaire seeking their views on the remuneration framework for public entity executives.

Copies of the written and oral submissions made to the Tribunal, which the Tribunal has consent to publish, are available below.

The Tribunal expresses its appreciation to all those who made submissions and assisted the Tribunal in the performance of its functions, including the Chairs of public entity boards who made submissions and/or attended the Tribunal's round table discussions and public entity executives who completed the Tribunal's questionnaire.

Written submissions

The following written submissions were provided to the Tribunal by prescribed public entities:

Oral submissions

The following prescribed public entities made an oral submission. Agreed summaries of these submissions are set out below:

Confidential submissions

The following prescribed public entities made a written submission to the Tribunal, but did not give consent for their submission to be published in any form:

  • North East Water
  • Melbourne Water
  • WorkSafe
  • Victorian Funds Management Corporation
  • VicHealth
  • Lower Murray Water
  • South East Water Corporation

Round table discussions

In June 2020, the Tribunal held a series of round table discussions with nominated board Chairs and Chief Executive Officers (CEOs) of public entities. The round tables were designed to seek early feedback from entities regarding the possible remuneration structure for executives employed in prescribed public entities. Some 45 representatives from a range of public entities across industry segments attended the round tables, which were held over five sessions.

Reviewed 14 July 2021

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