Proposals to pay a public sector executive above the remuneration band

A public sector employer proposing to pay an executive above the relevant remuneration band set by the Tribunal must request and consider the Tribunal's advice.

Following stakeholder consultation, the Tribunal has revised its approach to payment above the band proposals and has updated its form and guidance. The Tribunal will accept submissions in the prior format until March 2024.

If you have any questions about these changes, please contact the Tribunal Secretariat by email at

The Victorian Independent Remuneration Tribunal and Improving Parliamentary Standards Act 2019 (Vic) requires public sector employers to request and consider the Tribunal’s advice when they propose to pay an executive above the relevant remuneration band.

In providing advice, the Tribunal is mindful of:

  • enabling public sector employers to attract and retain executives to deliver the agenda of the government of the day
  • ensuring the fair and equitable remuneration of executives across the public sector
  • maintaining the integrity of the public sector executive employment and remuneration framework.

Employers are encouraged to contact the Tribunal Secretariat at before they request the Tribunal's advice if they would like further information or have any queries.

Requesting advice to pay an executive above the remuneration band

An employer must submit a form to request the Tribunal’s advice on a proposal to pay an executive above the relevant remuneration band for public service executives or public entity executives.

Download the form to request advice
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Guidance for requesting the Tribunal's advice

The Tribunal has developed a guide to assist public sector employers with requesting its advice, including further information on how to complete the form and the additional evidence and data required.

Guidance for requesting the Tribunal's advice
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Frequently asked questions

Published advice

The Tribunal publishes the advice provided to employers on this website, where appropriate. This supports greater transparency, accountability and evidence-based decision-making on executive remuneration.

The Tribunal has only published advice provided to employers from 2020 onwards, following the Tribunal’s first Determinations for public service executives in May 2020 and for public entity executives in December 2020.

The Tribunal does not publish its advice where:

  • the payment above the band only reflects the annual adjustment guideline rate announced by the Premier, or
  • where publication would not be in the public interest.

These factors account for the discrepancy in the sequence of advice numbers.

The Tribunal’s advice has been de-identified in line with the Tribunal’s Privacy Policy.