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The Tribunal is required to make an annual adjustment to the salaries and allowances set in its Members of Parliament (Victoria) Determination No. 01/2019External Link . The current values of these salaries and allowances are available on the Members of Parliament salaries and allowances page.

Update on the Determination process

On 8 April 2021, the Tribunal issued a notice of intention to make a Determination providing for an annual adjustment to MP salaries and allowances.

The Tribunal invited submissions on the following questions:

  • What level of adjustment to the values of MP salaries and allowances should the Tribunal consider?
  • Should the Tribunal consider different adjustment levels for different elements of the MP salaries and allowances system? For example, should the Tribunal adjust the MP salaries with greater weight given to movements in the Wage Price Index, and adjust allowances with greater weight given to movements in the Consumer Price Index?
  • Are there any other matters the Tribunal should consider when making the Determination, in addition to those listed in the VIRTIPS Act?

The following written submission was provided to the Tribunal:

Once made, the Determination will take effect from 1 July 2021.

Reviewed 17 June 2021

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