Gig workers we have helped

These case studies are based on enquiries the Gig Worker Support Service has received, the steps we’ve taken to support gig workers to resolve their work issues, and the outcome we’ve helped gig workers obtain.

To protect the privacy of gig workers who’ve contacted us, we have ensured that each case study isn’t based on any single enquiry.

Case Study


Gig work account reactivated after the Gig Worker Support Service referred the issue to the Victorian Small Business Commission

A full-time rideshare driver faced a daunting challenge when their account was unexpectedly deactivated. The worker’s platform told them that it had detected suspicious activity on the account that breached its policies.

Despite efforts to explain to the platform that they were being treated unfairly, the platform did not address the worker’s concerns.

With limited funds and mounting financial pressure, the worker reached out to the GWSS for help with getting their job back.

After reviewing the worker’s information about their job loss, the GWSS referred the worker to the Victorian Small Business Commission (VSBC) for help to resolve the dispute.

Through an arrangement between the GWSS and the VSBC, the VSBC provides gig workers with dispute resolution services free of charge.

The GWSS supported the worker to apply to the VSBC for help to resolve the dispute. We stayed on the phone with the worker and helped them complete the VSBC online form. The worker was unsure of what information they needed to include, and so the GWSS explained the questions on the form and guided the worker on how to clearly explain the issues in dispute.

Once the worker submitted their application to the VSBC, the outcome was swift and successful. The platform reactivated the worker’s account, allowing the worker to regain their livelihood.