Minister's Statement of Expectations for the ARBV

The Minister for Planning who oversees Victoria's architectural industry releases a Statement of Expectations to guide the performance of the Architects Registration Board of Victoria.

The Minister's Statement of Expectations

In August 2019, Victoria's Minister for Planning, the Honourable Richard Wynne MP, issued a Statement of Expectations for the ARBV for 2019–20 to 2020–21. The Statement of Expectations identifies opportunities for the ARBV to incorporate better-practice approaches and targets into its regulation of the architectural industry.

The ARBV's response to the Statement of Expectations

The ARBV uses the objectives and targets in the minister's Statement of Expectations to continually improve its operations and services. The initiatives below are the ARBV's response to the objectives in the statement.

Improving timeliness

The ARBV will:

  • replace paper-based registration and other regulatory processes with a digital alternative.

Applying risk-based strategies to improve regulatory outcomes

The ARBV will:

  • develop risk profiles that predict the likelihood of non-compliance
  • develop focused strategies that address the existing and emerging most significant compliance issues
  • report on how outcomes have aligned with the ARBV’s strategic priorities
  • improve data analytics to better identify emerging trends and targeting of non-compliance of most need and effect.

The ARBV will:

  • implement a new website that supports architects in meeting their compliance obligations
  • review and refresh guidance material made available on the website
  • provide effective assistance and guidance to consumers and the community more generally.

Continuing cooperation among regulators to strengthen relationships and improve outcomes

The ARBV will:

  • actively participate in meetings with co-regulators
  • establish information-sharing agreements with co-regulators
  • establish a National Registrars Forum comprising regulators of Australian architects in other jurisdictions.

Commitment to accountability and transparency

The ARBV will:

  • report and publish key regulatory outcomes
  • establish an industry and consumer forum.

Stakeholder consultation and engagement

The ARBV will:

  • implement a communications and stakeholder engagement strategy with regulated entities and other stakeholders, including consumers and the community more generally.

Issued: November 2019

Reviewed 11 May 2021

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