What is an architect?

Architects play an important role in the design and construction of Victoria's built environment – the houses, schools, office buildings and commercial premises we live, work and study in. On this page, you will find more detail about what architects do and why they are regulated by the ARBV.

Architects design the buildings and places we use every day. Some architects specialise in houses, some design commercial buildings like skyscrapers and factories, and others create interiors or outdoor spaces.

If you are engaging an architect to design a project for you, it's important that you can trust in their skills and experience. That's why architects in Victoria must be registered with the ARBV.

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If someone is not registered with the ARBV, they are not an architect. They cannot describe themselves as an 'architect' or cause people to believe they are an architect. They also may not say they offer 'architectural services', 'architectural design services' and 'architectural design' – even if they have relevant qualifications or are registered in another state, territory or country. 

What architects do

Architects may be involved in every stage of planning, designing and constructing a project.

Architects may be involved in:

  • selecting sites and conducting feasibility studies
  • designing and planning buildings and outdoor spaces
  • maximising the project's environmental efficiency
  • coordinating regulatory approvals (such as planning and building permits)
  • managing budget and the construction process
  • coordinating specialists and consultants
  • overseeing building maintenance.

Architects often work alongside other specialists such as engineers, builders and surveyors, to ensure a building project is completed safely and to a high standard.

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Reviewed 11 May 2021

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