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FOI Part II Statements - Portable Long Service

Part II of the Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic) requires government agencies such as the Portable Long Service Authority to publish a number of statements designed to assist members of the public in accessing the information it holds.

We aim to make our information and documents accessible to members of the public. The following sections provide insight into the functions of the Authority and provide a non-exhaustive list of what types of information and document we hold in relation to carrying out our functions.

If you cannot find the information that you are looking for on our website, please phone us on 1800 517 158 or email and ask if the information that you are seeking is available. We may be able to provide you with the information that you are seeking without you having to make a formal access request.

  • The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority (the Authority) is an independent statutory body established to administer the Long Service Benefits Portability Act 2018 (Vic)External Link (the Act). The Act, together with the Long Service Benefits Portability Interim Regulations 2019 (Vic)External Link (Regulations) provides a Scheme for the portability of long service benefits to eligible workers in the community services, contract cleaning and security industries.

    The scheme enables eligible workers in the community services, contract cleaning and security industries to accrue long service benefits based on length of time employed in their respective industry, as opposed to the length of time employed by one employer.

    The functions of the Authority are set out in the Act and Regulations.

    The Authority is responsible for:

    • registering employers who employ workers in these sectors
    • maintaining a register of workers and employers for the scheme
    • educating employers and workers of their responsibilities and entitlements under the scheme
    • receiving quarterly activity returns from employers and collecting the appropriate levy
    • paying the appropriate benefit to workers who qualify for it
    • compliance and enforcement activities
  • The Authority is responsible to a Governing Board appointed by the Victorian Minister for Industrial Relations. For more information on our Governing Board and our structure, visit our online annual report.

    The Authority is comprised of the following business units:

    • Executive, Governance, Legal and Secretariat
    • Financial Services
    • Client Service and Operations
    • Facilities, Information and Technology
    • People and Culture
    • Communications and Engagement
  • The Authority generates and stores a wide variety of both electronic and hard copy documents.

    We possess the following categories of documents:

    • policies, procedures and plans
    • correspondence
    • reports
    • meeting papers, minutes and records
    • financial records
    • training and educational material
    • personnel records
    • operational records
    • contracts
    • registers
    • audio-visual material
  • The Freedom of Information Act 1982 (Vic)External Link (FOI Act) gives you the right to request access to documents held by the Portable Long Service Benefits Authority.

    The intention of the FOI Act is to widen community access to information possessed by the government and other covered bodies under Victorian law.

    Before you make a request for access

    We encourage you to check the website to see if the document you are seeking is already publicly available in our annual report, policies and procedures or resources.

    If you cannot find the information that you are seeking, please contact us and ask whether the information or document can be provided to you. In many instances, we may be able to give you access to the document or information without the need for a formal request being made, such as access to the register of employers that is available to the public.

    Making a request for access

    You can make a formal request for information or a document by emailing us with the subject line ‘FOI request - Attn: FOI Officer.’ Alternatively, you may apply online via the Office of the Victorian Information Commissioner or send your request via post addressed to:

    Attn: Freedom of Information Officer
    Portable Long Service Benefits Authority
    Level 1, 56–60 King Street
    Bendigo VIC 3550

    A request must:

    • be made in writing (either paper or email)
    • clearly describe the information or document that you are seeking access to.

    If we cannot clearly identify the information or document that you are seeking, the Freedom of Information Officer will contact you for further clarification of your request.

    The cost of making an application for access changes annually on 1 July. For further information on the current application fee amount and how to make a payment, please contact the Authority or the Office for the Victorian Information Commissioner.

    Access charges may apply once documents have been processed and an access decision has been made. Charges which may be applied include costs of photocopying and search and retrieval of documents. Find more information on freedom of information requestsExternal Link .

    Processing the request for access

    Once we clearly understanding what information or document you are seeking, we will process your request and will provide you with a decision as soon as possible within 30 days following the date of your request. This 30-day period may be extended with your consent or may be extended by an additional 15 days if third party consultation is required.

  • The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority generates a variety of publications which can be accessed and downloaded from our website. If you need assistance with finding a publication, please contact us.

    We also publish a monthly email newsletter with relevant information about each industry, news about the Scheme and other updates.

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  • We publish a variety of material on our website which gives guidance on compliance with the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme and the operation of the Act and Regulations.

    We employ a range of policies and procedures that govern our daily operations, support the functioning of the Authority and facilitate compliance with the Authority’s obligations.

  • The Portable Long Service Benefits Authority publishes an annual report each year. Find our latest annual report.

Reviewed 25 October 2021

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