Format web content

In this video I'm going to show you how to apply heading styles and hyperlinks to a basic content page.

So once you've logged into the Drupal Content Management System and you're in the content tab, you'll just need to search for the page. So you'll need to know some of the words in the title to find your page.

'Become a member' should get me to the page I need to edit. Once you've found the page, select Edit. By default the Page Header tab will be displayed and that'll include the title and summary. You can edit anything you need to here. 

Head over to the Body Content tab and click on Edit. Once you're in here you can apply headings styles, links and a call out style to your content. The content editor can be a little tricky, especially when there are no breaks between headings and paragraphs. So for example, if selecting and applying a heading 2 to the title, Responsibilities of Council, if you were to go ahead and apply a heading 2 to the title, it'll apply a heading 2 to the title and the text below it.

So to avoid that, you'll need to put in paragraph breaks between titles and paragraphs.

So now I can go ahead and apply my headings.

The next thing I'm going to do is add some bullet points to the Responsibilities of Council section, to make it more scannable. There's also going to be bullet points applied to the email, phone and post list. 

The next thing I'll do is make this quote a call out. So it'll indent this quote, tab it and apply some quotation marks aroud the quote. You'll need to select the quote and the drop-down styles and then call out. 

The next thing you'll need to do is to hyperlink an email address. Select the email address, control c, head to the linking tool and add the prefix mailto: and then control v to paste in the email address. The same thing applies to the phone number. You'll need to select it, control c, head over to the linking tool, add in the prefix tel: and paste your phone number. It's important to remove any spaces from the phone number as this is a link.

Another thing you'll need to do is create a page link to Ancestral remains. Select the phrase you need to hyperlink, head to the linking tool. Because it's a page that we own and has been created within the CMS, we just need to start typing the title of the page. The page will then appear in the dynamically populated list. Select the page. It will appear as a node which is fine. So basically a node means that if the Ancestral remains page title changes in future, it'll always reference the node instead of the title, so it won't break the link.

We're also going to take users to an external page. Select the Aboriginal cultural heritage phrase. Again using the linking tool, paste the external URL into the link and click Save. Once you're happy with the formatting of your page, you'll need to select Save.

Reviewed 15 November 2019