Portable Long Service Authority - Terminating a worker in the quarterly return

A step-by-step guide to terminate a worker in the quarterly return

Guide to: Terminating a worker

Step 1 – Log onto Portal and Navigate to Returns page

Step 2 – Click on current Return

Step 3 – Click on ‘Edit Return’

Step 4 – Click on three dots

Step 5 – Click on ‘Terminate’

Step 6 – Enter Termination Date and Termination Reason

Step 7 – Click on ‘Close’

Step 8 – Click on ‘Submit Return’ if data is correct

Step 9 – Click OK to submit Return

Step 10 – Payment Summary appears

For further information about portable long service visit www.plsa.vic.gov.au, call 1800 517 158 or email enquiries@plsa.vic.gov.au