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The Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme provides portable long service benefits to Victorian workers in the community services, contract cleaning and security industries, allowing workers to build up long service entitlements based on time spent their industry, rather than with a single employer.

Portable long service means you accrue long service benefits for all your years in a single industry, rather than with a single employer. 

It’s ‘portable’ because it moves with you if you change employers but remain in the industry.

Joining the Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme

If you work in the community services, contract cleaning or security industries, your employer is responsible for registering you with the scheme, and for paying for it.

Once your employer has registered you, you’ll get a welcome pack in the mail that will include your Worker ID. 

Each quarter, your employer will record your service and wages with us and pay a levy. That levy is then managed in a central fund.

There is no cost to you to be a registered worker with us.

Who is an eligible worker?

Workers in the community services, contract cleaning and security industries in Victoria who are employed by a registered employer and are engaged:

  • as a trainee or apprentice
  • as a casual, part-time or full-time worker
  • as a sole trader subcontractor (for the contract cleaning and security industries)

To be an eligible community services worker, the main part of your job must be the personal delivery of services or the personal performance of community services work. 

This could include direct contact with clients (front-line services), but also supporting those who work directly with clients. For example, workers directly managing, providing assistance to, planning for and directly enabling or supporting those delivering front-line services, would be eligible for portable long service. You can read more about this in our Guidance Note

Earning long service benefits

Based on the information provided by your employer in their quarterly return, you’ll receive ‘service credits’ that make up your long service entitlement. 

At the end of each financial year, you’ll get a statement showing your recorded service for the year. 

You can check your entitlements at any time through the online worker portal

After 7 years of service, you can apply for your long service benefit. The levy your employer pays will be used to pay your benefit. 

What if I change employers?

If you change employers, you just need to give your new employer your Worker ID and they’ll start including you in their quarterly returns and paying the levy based on your service with them.

Existing long service benefits

The Portable Long Service Benefits Scheme operates in addition to other existing long service leave entitlements. 

If you had accrued long service entitlement with your employer under the Long Service Leave Act 2018, an Enterprise Bargaining Agreement (EBA) or a multi-enterprise agreement before 30 June 2019, this is still available to you, but it won’t move with you if you change employers. 

Only long service entitlements earned after 1 July 2019 become portable.

Recognition of prior service

Contract cleaning and security workers can request their service from 1 July 2018 to 30 June 2019 be added to their service credits.

This can be done by completing the Prior Service Claim Form. To claim prior service, you will require an Income Statement or Assessment Notice from the Australian Tax Office, and your last payslip from the period showing your hourly rate at the time. 

Please note that as there is no levy attached to recognition of prior service, you will not receive a financial benefit for this period, however it means that you will be able to access your accrued portable long service leave entitlements after 6 years instead of 7. 

Checking your balance

You can login to check your balance or update your details at any time. However, your balance will only change each quarter after your employer lodges their quarterly return. 

Each November an annual statement will be sent to you with details of your long service credit balance.

Claiming your portable long service benefit

After 7 years of service, you can apply to have your portable long service benefit paid to you by submitting a claim form to the Authority, and showing proof of your identity. 

If you leave the industry for good, you can also apply to have your benefit paid to you, as long as you have accrued 7 years of service credits.

You will receive one lump sum payment from the Authority into your nominated bank account, not your usual weekly or fortnightly pay. Remember to factor this in when planning your leave from work as there will be no payments from your employer.

How you access your benefits depends on the industry that you work in. 

Contract cleaning and security workers

Once your employer has approved your request for leave, you can apply to the Authority for payment of your benefit.

Community services workers

Unlike contract cleaning and security, the community services scheme is a cash only benefit with no leave requirement attached to it. Instead, you can apply for your benefit once you have built up enough service credits, and don’t need to take leave to do so.

Registering for online access to the worker portal

Am I an eligible worker?

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Reviewed 19 February 2020

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