Winner testimonials

Learn more about how winning a Victorian Training Award has changed lives and created opportunities.

Lucas Price

2021 Koorie Student of the Year

‘This award meant so much to not only me, but also my family and my community. It has helped me to inspire and motivate other Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people to invest in their educational pathway, creating many opportunities of growth and progression.’

Miranda Edwards

2014 Koorie Student of the Year

‘[Winning the award] … got me noticed and it’s a big part of my story which I share when I speak at conferences. I’ve done some big talks, including when I spoke in front of 1,000 people at the World Indigenous People’s Conference in Canada 2017 to talk about local indigenous curriculum for schools. The training I received as part of the award was a huge help in this regard.’

Bret Ryan

2012 Vocational Student of the Year

‘The Victorian Training Award was a pivotal moment for me. The CEO of the organisation where I worked was so proud when I won. He could see my potential and that opened up conversations with him and others. I became sought after, and could pick and choose what I did next.’

Chhunly Taing

2022 Apprentice of the Year

'I’ve learnt how to lead a team safely on a construction site … this course changed me. I used to be quite intimidated by the men I was working with, but now I stand up for myself … knowledge is power, and it reinforces your confidence.'

Sue Meli

2002 Vocational Student of the Year

‘The award is a key part of marketing my landscape and design business. Although I won the award in 2002, it might just as well have been yesterday. It continues to deliver clients to my door and is often the determining factor that leads them to choose my services over those of a competitor’s.’

Julie Kramer

2021 VET Teacher or Trainer of the Year

‘Winning the Victorian Training Award has been an unbelievable experience, it’s just amazing to be recognised for something I am extremely passionate about and love doing. It has given me confidence in my abilities and the inspiration to continue improving my teaching methods.’

Kerrilyn Bassett

2015 Trainee of the Year

‘Winning the award was the start of a really good journey. It boosted my confidence and opened up many opportunities I wouldn’t have had otherwise. Another bonus was that I became a representative for the industry – that was important because it provided the opportunity for a young female voice to be heard in an industry which traditionally has an older profile and tends to be male-dominated.’