Aunty Walda Blow

I'm inspired seeing young, damaged women leave our service confident and well adjusted.

Local Champion

Walda Blow, widely known as Aunty Walda, has been a leader and role model for over 40 years.

She is a prominent and respected Elder of the Yorta Yorta people and has led community development work with, and for, the Victorian Aboriginal community.

Amongst her achievements, Aunty Walda has managed the Margaret Tucker Hostel for girls for over 20 years, supporting and mentoring young aboriginal women, particularly young mothers or girls who have experienced family violence or sexual abuse.

Currently, she teaches Indigenous health issues at the University of Melbourne and is an accomplished and popular speaker.

Aunty Walda has inspired many hundreds of young people to become active participants in the Aboriginal, mainstream Australian, and international communities.
In 2007 Aunty Walda was awarded the Robin Clark Memorial Award for managing the Margaret Tucker Hostel.