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Bernice Masterson

Bernice Masterson was the first Australian woman assistant commissioner of police in 1989.

Honour Roll

Bernice joined the Victoria Police in September 1970. She initially worked out of Russell Street, but was moved to Heidelberg and Flemington before returning to Russell Street CIB in 1974. In 1975, Bernice achieved a 'first' when she was dux of the prestigious Detective Training School. The following year she was promoted to Senior Constable. By 1977, she had been promoted to Sergeant but it took another decade for her to take the next step to Chief Inspector.

From there she rose meteorically to Chief Superintendent and was working in the area of personnel and in the planning and analysis division. On 1 November, 1989, Bernice was appointed Assistant Commissioner of Victoria Police, the first woman in Australia to achieve this rank. Initially, she worked in the Research and Development Department but by 1991 she had been moved to the Internal Investigations Department. Bernice left the police force in 1992 when Chief Commissioner elect John Frane was not promoted to the post.