Carla Anderson

Carla Anderson is inducted for her inspirational leadership particularly in the deaf-blind community.

Honour Roll

Carla entered the field of community services after graduating with a Masters Degree in Social Science (Counseling Deaf) in the early 1980s. Being Deaf, Carla's initial interest was to work with Deaf people and to assist them with developing self confidence and independence. While taking time out to be a mother to four children, she also found time to work with organisations that supported parents of young deaf children.

Carla's interest in deafblind people emerged as she became aware that this small group was not getting the support it required to access many services provided within their local communities.

She not only worked with community service organisations to overcome this gap but in recent years as Manager of Deafblind services, she has also provided many voluntary hours in helping to provide leadership and personal development courses for deaf and deafblind people.

The list of Carla's achievements is extensive and it demonstrates her leading role in supporting Victoria's Deaf and Deafblind community. She was a founding member of the Deaf Women's Support Group and used her considerable multi-lingual, leadership and facilitation skills to organise workshops. She was also able to secure funding of Auslan interpreters to ensure that the women of her community had access to accurate and accessible information.

As an advocate and inspirational leader, Carla has earned the respect and trust of others.