Claude Lombard OAM

Grassroots entrepreneur and philanthropist.


Honours and awards

Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the printing industry, and to the community


Claude Lombard OAM has been a fixture of Victoria’s business community for the better part of half a century. His leadership of Lombard The Paper People has led the business through 50 years of challenges and opportunities to be one of Australia’s largest suppliers of party, packaging and events products.

Claude is often called on by the media as the voice of grassroots business in Victoria. Through numerous public speaking appearances over many years, Claude extolls the virtues of entrepreneurialism, including motivational support through his formulas for making the right business decisions and believing in your ‘core purpose’ for overall business success.

Claude’s contributions to the greater community come in many forms. For the past 30 years, he has championed the cause of special needs students from a local school through employment and training opportunities at Lombard The Paper People. He currently sits as a board member of the Australia Lebanon Chamber of Commerce and the Melbourne Tourism Authority.