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Collaboration and Curriculum Access Fund

Supporting schools to overcome VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate implementation challenges.


Who can apply:
$0 - $60,000

The Department of Education (DE) has set an expectation that from 2023 all government secondary schools, with limited exceptions, are expected to provide the new VCE Vocational Major, and Victorian Pathways Certificate where it is a suitable and agreed pathway for students at the school.

The Collaboration and Curriculum Access Fund (the Fund) is available to support eligible schools to overcome implementation challenges associated with providing the new VCE Vocational Major and Victorian Pathways Certificate from 2023.

The Fund is targeted towards schools that face challenges in providing a diverse vocational and applied learning program offering in senior secondary due to small Year 11 and 12 student cohorts and limited available resourcing.

Available funding

The Department has committed $1.5 million to this Fund to assist schools to transition to the new certificates, and introduce high-quality, sustainable programs from 2023.

Eligible government secondary schools can apply for funding of up to $60,000. Schools may seek funding as an individual school or in partnership with other schools, including government and non-government schools.

Key dates for Schools

  • Expression of Interest (EOI) Applications open

    5 October 2022

  • EOI Applications close

    20 October 2022

  • Notification of EOI application outcome

    31 October 2022

  • Detailed plans submitted

    30 November 2022

  • Program completion

    30 June 2024