Connect with Me – Marte Meo Video Interaction Guidance

Connect with Me is a professional development program for educators to help them improve the social and emotional learning of children.

Program details

  • Priority area: Communication (language development), wellbeing (social and emotional), access and inclusion
  • Primary audience: Educators, parents/carers
  • Delivery mode: Group training, online, consultancy, coaching, professional services, face-to-face
  • Strength of evidence: Level 5 – Foundational research evidence
  • AEDC sub-domains:
    • Emotional maturity anxious and fearful behaviour
    • Emotional maturity aggressive behaviour
    • Social competence responsibility and respect
    • Communication skills and general knowledge communication and general knowledge
  • Item cost: Moderate ($200-$2,000 per person/item)

Program description

Connect with Me is an evidence based professional development that empowers educators to activate the social and emotional learning of children in their service. This is achievable by making the most of everyday interactions through purposeful, attuned connection and intentional teaching.

Connect with Me program options have been developed to contribute to 4 key developmental domains that are both individually and collectively essential to a child's social and emotional development over the lifespan.

Developmental domains:

  • Emotional literacy and regulation
  • Social awareness and relationships
  • Confidence, sense of self and self-worth (the Internal Working Model)
  • Positive mental health (mental agility, resilience, and an ability to cope).

Connect with Me programs are informed by an evidence-based learning framework which guides the learning of 6 easy to understand and 'hold in mind' practices. The program is informed by Marte Meo methods of supportive communication, underpinned by principles of Theraplay®/Sunshine circles® and grounded in attachment theory, brain based learning and neuroscience developmental research.

The delivery of professional development is flexible and can be accessed in a variety of program options to meet the needs of your service.

The SELF Practices:

  • Following: be in the child's world, notice their ideas (I am important, my ideas are important, others are interested in me, the world is enjoyable).
  • Linking & lifting up social information: develop children's skills to notice the intentions and actions of others (other people are predictable and enjoyable, I can see the world of other people, I am part of a bigger picture).
  • Positive leading: lead the child through new tasks and ideas. Support them step by step. (I am capable and competent; the world is interested in my skills).
  • Co-regulation: be with the child through all the emotions (I am not alone with my emotions, adults are safe and will help me, others will be loving and responsive, the world is containing).
  • Signposting for success: help children to understand boundaries and guide them towards pro-social decisions. (I am worth keeping safe, I am worthy).
  • Sunshine Circles®: activate the child's development through the power of purposeful play (activate my natural social engagement system so I can explore my world, I can see joy therefore I must be joyful).

Flexible learning options provide a platform for the translation of key practices critical to achieving the 4 developmental outcomes. These can be accessed through the following programs:

Option 1: E-Learning Package

Includes 5 self-paced e-learning modules that provide a comprehensive introduction to the key concepts of Connect with Me through interactive content, videos, animations, evidence articles and printable handouts.

Option 2: Concepts Class

Provides an overview of the evidence and practices to nurture and improve social and emotional development in children. The 2-hour program covers the Connect with Me foundational content in a face-to-face or online meeting platform.

Option 3: Group or Individual Mentoring

Mentoring is an effective evidence based reflective approach used to enhance or develop individual practice or work towards improving team pedagogy. Video Interaction Guidance is used by trained mentors to facilitate a safe and empowering reflective practice experience, with a focus on identifying opportunities to activate the child's social and emotional development. Videos are reviewed in each mentoring session, drawing on observations from peers and developing collective practices, or to support the individual educators to focus and develop intentional teaching practices to achieve children's developmental outcomes.

Option 4: Connect with Me one day workshop Research practice, reflection and embed

Topics are as listed below:

An understanding of brain-based development and attachment research – the building blocks of healthy social and emotional development:

  • Attachment, the brain, and early life experience
  • How our moment-to-moment interactions shape the developing brain.

An introduction to regulating the nervous system – understanding Ours and Theirs:

  • The SELF Learning Framework as it relates to early childhood education
  • The Window of Tolerance.

A practical application of the SELF approaches:

  • The practice of following: developing deep connections and regulating the nervous system through play
  • The practice of positive leading: you are the calm, consistent leader.

The difference that makes a difference – attunement through Video Interaction Guidance:

  • Overview of Video Interaction Guidance – what is it and why does it work?
  • The SELF Learning Framework in action: Case study
  • Planning and observing our proactive and responsive intentional teaching practices to achieve school readiness skills and development.

Scheduled workshops for 2024

Detailed cost

Connect with Me E-Learning Package

  • $170 (including GST) per participant
  • $450 (including GST) for 3 participants
  • $700 (including GST) for 5 participants
  • $1300 (including GST) for 10 participants

Connect with Me Concept Class (2-hour professional development)

  • $300 per participant (including GST)
  • $2500 (including GST) for groups between 10-20 participants

Connect with Me Mentoring (1-hour online mentoring)

  • Collaborate: $560 (including GST) for groups of up to 10 participants
  • Individual: $380 (including GST) per participant

Connect with Me – 1 day workshop (8-hour professional development)

  • $950 (including GST) per person
  • $2000 (including GST) per person plus 4 mentoring sessions.

Additional travel costs may apply if travel 100km or more from Geelong CBD is required: 88 cents/km and for round trips more than 3.5 hours an additional $200 per travelling hour will apply.

Accommodation: $200/night.

Contact provider for a personalised quote.

Implementation considerations

Target Population: Educators.

Program/practice descriptions and details: Connect with Me was developed using a combination of early years developmental research, psychosocial perspectives and Marte Meo approaches. The Connect with Me program provides educators with an understanding of typical childhood development aged 3-5 years. Intentional teachings of pro-social skills are supported through the use of everyday moment to moment interactions between children and educators. If required, Connect with Me staff will provide a parent consent form to the service and will require signed consent prior to reviewing a child’s video.

Program adaptability: The program is designed to be delivered flexibly, with online and onsite components. If circumstances require, the program can be delivered completely online.

Staffing: Services should consider the cost of backfill in determining the cost of accessing programs. Mentoring sessions can be offered outside of the kindergarten class hours if required.

The provider recommends the following as indicative backfill requirements for each program option:

  • Connect with Me – 1 day workshop: 8 hours
  • Connect with Me – individual mentoring: 30 minutes - 1 hour per session
  • Connect with Me – group mentoring: 1 hour per session
  • Connect with Me Concepts Class: 2 hours
  • Connect with Me E-Module Series: each module is approximately 20 minutes. 5 modules will require 1.5 hours–2 hours.

Supervision/coaching: Online mentoring is available.

Tools and systems: Access to a device and stable internet connection.

VEYLDF alignment

Item uses these practice principles

  • Reflective practice
  • Partnerships with families
  • High expectations for every child
  • Respectful relationships and responsive engagement
  • Equity and diversity
  • Assessment for learning and development
  • Integrated teaching and learning approaches
  • Partnerships with professionals

Item responds to these sub-outcomes

  • Children become strong in their social, emotional and spiritual wellbeing
  • Children interact verbally and non-verbally with others for a range of purposes