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Regional Development Victoria

Regional Development Victoria is the Victorian Government's lead agency in developing regional and rural Victoria. RDV's role involves facilitating new investment, business growth and job creation, infrastructure development, instigating policy and planning initiatives, and co-ordinating the delivery of Government programs, services and resources in regional and rural Victoria.

This role includes implementing the Regional Growth Fund, facilitating consultation between the public and private sectors and communities about economic and community development in rural and regional Victoria, and promoting these areas.

It also includes advising the Minister for Regional and Rural Development and the Minister for Regional Cities on matters relating to development in regional and rural Victoria, and supporting communities affected by the 2009 fires through the Fire Recovery Unit.

Phone13 22 15
DX NumberDX 210074
Organisational Units
Category Title Main Phone Description
BranchesInfrastructure Development03 9027 5456The Infrastructure Group identifies, facilitates and delivers infrastructure projects which contribute to the enhanced productivity, liveability and sustainability of regional and rural Victoria, including those initiated through the Regional Growth Fund.
BranchesPolicy and Planning03 9027 5462The Policy and Planning Group provides policy and strategy leadership to RDV, co-ordinating with other departments to develop ideas, knowledge, policies and programs that support the Victorian Government's commitment to regional and rural Victora. The group is also responsible for overseeing the implementation of the Regional Growth Fund, delivering research and analysis to support regional policy, and managing strategic relationships across and outside the Victorian Government.
BranchesRegional Programs and Recovery03 9027 5423The Regional Programs and Recovery Group is responsible for the delivery of a range of programs and activities including the local initiatives component of the Regional Growth Fund, the Regional Development Australia initiative in Victoria and bushfire and flood recovery programs. This includes the operations of the Fire Recovery Unit.
BranchesFire Recovery Unit03 9027 5411The Fire Recovery Unit was established in July 2011 following the closure of the Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction and Recovery Authority. In 2012-13, the Fire Recovery Unit provided continuity of Government support and oversight for the reconstruction and recovery effort after the 2009 bushfires by facilitating strong relationships and co-ordinated responses to ongoing community needs.
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Office Locations
Category Title Main Phone Description
Regional OfficesBairnsdale03 5152 0600By appointment only.
Regional OfficesBallarat Regional Business Centre03 5327 2800
Regional OfficesBendigo Regional Business Centre03 4433 8000
Regional OfficesGeelong Regional Business Centre03 5215 6000
Regional OfficesHeywood03 5527 2008By appointment only.
Regional OfficesHorsham03 5381 2762
Regional OfficesMildura03 5051 2000
Regional OfficesRobinvale03 5026 3798By appointment only.
Regional OfficesSeymour03 5799 0573By appointment only.
Regional OfficesShepparton03 5895 4100
Regional OfficesSwan Hill03 5036 4823
Regional OfficesTraralgon Regional Business Centre03 5116 7300
Regional OfficesWangaratta03 5722 7101
Regional OfficesWarrnambool03 5561 4135
Regional OfficesWodonga02 6059 0200
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Staff Members
Category Title Name Main Phone
Key StaffDeputy Secretary, Chief ExecutiveJames Flintoft03 9027 5460
Key StaffRegional Director, Barwon South WestUnni Menon
Key StaffRegional Director, GippslandLeigh Kennedy
Key StaffRegional Director, GrampiansAnthony Schinck
Key StaffRegional Director, HumeMatt Nelson
Key StaffRegional Director, Loddon MalleeStan Liacos
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Category Title Name Main Phone
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Category Title Main Phone Description
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