Coranavirus (COVID-19) forum for the family violence sector

Monday, 30 March 2020 at 12:46 am
Left to right: Alison Macdonald, Acting Chief Executive Officer, Domestic Violence Victoria, Kelly Stanton, Executive Director, Program and Service Development, Family Safety Victoria, and Annette Lancy

Family Safety Victoria (FSV) and Domestic Violence Victoria (DV Vic), supported by the CASA Forum Inc and No To Violence (NTV) held a briefing session on COVID-19 preparedness for the family violence and sexual assault sectors on 19 March.

This briefing was live streamed to over 240 sector representatives across Victoria, with key messages including: 

  • working together to ensure that service delivery to the most vulnerable Victorians continues 
  • planning and preparing for how we deliver services in the current environment and adjust to future changes 
  • priority for the safety of all women and children and 
  • working together to plan and respond to emerging and changing circumstances

The briefing demonstrated the commitment of the sector to work together to provide critical services to ensure safety and reduce risk to women and children and their families, particularly through these periods of increased social distancing and physical isolation required to reduce the transmission of COVID-19. 

A specific briefing session for partners in The Orange Door followed the sector preparedness briefing, where partners committed to working together to ensure women and families, including vulnerable children, received the support they need in the COVID-19 environment.