Deepak Vinayak OAM JP

Cross-culture champion


Medal of the Order of Australia for service to the multicultural community of Victoria

Deepak Vinayak OAM JP is a committed community contributor with more than 17 years’ experience leading social projects in the multicultural, multi-faith and regional communities in Australia. He has actively engaged with newly-arrived migrants and has helped them settle through language support and career guidance.

Being in the public eye has given Deepak the opportunity to serve his fellow citizens and to stand by his people in difficult times. He has taken on initiatives, such as developing platforms to bring young people together on challenges such as social cohesion, multiculturalism and having active leadership roles in their own communities to strengthen belonging and good citizenship.

Deepak has mentored students and researchers from leading Victorian universities, including those who have undertaken internships or research projects with him from Monash, Victoria, Deakin and La Trobe universities.

He has worked to strengthen the community’s ability to respond to violence, gender justice and youth empowerment through active participation and engagement with government, police, media and broader Australian communities.

Reviewed 01 October 2019

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