DET - Learn Local Sector - 30 August - Learn Local Pulse Check Survey

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  • Registered Learn Local providers — ALL
  • Statewide providers
  • ACFE Board
  • ACFE Regional Councils
  • Learn Local stakeholders
  • PIRE Branch staff

From: Jeanette Nagorcka, Executive Director, Adult, Community and Further Education

Date: 30/08/2021

Subject: Learn Local Pulse Check Survey

Actions / Critical dates:

Completion of the Learn Local Pulse Check Survey by Registered Learn Local Providers by CoB Tuesday 31 August 2021 or sooner.

The Adult Community Further Education Board is cognisant that COVID-19 continues to impact the Learn Local sector and has asked that the Department to gather information from as many Learn Locals as possible on their current situation.

To provide the Board with up-to-date information, I would be grateful if all Learn Local providers complete a short pulse survey with three main questions. The survey should take approximately 3-5 minutes to complete, and I would appreciate your responses by CoB Tuesday 31 August.

I apologise for the short notice to complete this survey and appreciate your support and ongoing commitment to the Learn Local sector, especially during COVID-19 lockdowns.

If you would like any assistance with this task, please contact the Regional Office supporting your organisation.

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