Dianne Bailey-Tribe

Dianne Bailey-Tribe is a renowned expert and leader in the field of autism.

Honour Roll

For the parents of a child diagnosed with the complex, lifelong condition of autism spectrum disorder, their child's difficult and challenging day-to-day behaviour requires sensitive understanding, specialist support and intervention. Dianne Bailey-Tribe has pioneered the delivery of services for children with autism to give all those associated with the child the tools and understanding to better work with them.

"The secret is that it's an all-of-family approach and we are no longer working just with the child. Now the parents are first, then the parents together in partnership with the child," Dianne said. Much of Dianne's work involves helping parents in the early stages of diagnosis and understand the challenges they face, as well as offering cautious optimism about the future for them and their child.

Her inspiration is seeing the milestones reached and says "it is important to provide opportunities for parents to get enjoyment out of their children and remember that they are children first and autism is secondary." Dianne says "we use a lot of pictures to help the child understand the world around them and it works like magic."

Dianne trained and became a leader in her fields of occupational therapy, psychotherapy and community service and has always worked with children and adolescents with mental health issues. She recognises the need for greater knowledge and understanding for occupational therapy treatment for children with autism. This has become not only her hobby but her working passion.

Dianne is a Trustee of Occupational Therapy Research Trust Fund. She is a mentor, trainer, counsellor and friend to many in her role as Chief Executive Officer at Irabina Childhood Autism Services, and she continues to raise awareness of the complexity of autism spectrum disorders in the community.