Dr Anna Lavelle


Dr Anna Lavelle’s work in life sciences has made a significant contribution to improving the lives of people in our community in Victoria, nationally and internationally, from her first chief executive role with Family Planning Victoria, advocating for women’s access to RU486 the abortion pill, to one of her key roles today as chair of Medicines Australia.

Dr Lavelle is recognised internationally through the World View Scientific American Top 100 Influential People in Biotechnology in 2015, which is awarded following a global nomination process.

Dr Lavelle is currently the independent chair of the national body, Medicines Australia (MA) having been appointed for a second term. In that role she has continued her professional leadership role as a strong advocate leading the Board of MA and has a special interest in patient engagement for improved health outcomes.

Dr Lavelle has continually applied herself to mentoring roles both formal and informal and is highly sought after by aspiring leaders, most frequently women and young women in the sector. She offers her skills and experience as an advisor to professionals in the life sciences sector. She is a fellow of the Academy of Science Technology and Engineering and an experienced company director.