Dr Catherine Crock

I have learnt so much from listening to patients and families and by respecting them as partners in care.

Honour Roll

Dr Catherine Crock is recognised internationally as a leader in the development and implementation of patient-centred care, patient safety and better health outcomes.

In 1998, as the coordinator of the bone marrow and lumbar puncture procedures for children with cancer, she pioneered the first family advisory committee at the Royal Children's Hospital and empowered families to become involved in improving patient care.Working with Catherine, the Royal Children's Hospital brought in a series of wide-ranging changes across all components of their hospital treatment, including waiting times, pathology testing and pain management. These changes not only improved efficiency but led to greatly increased staff and family satisfaction.

In addition to her medical work, Catherine's role in using music to minimize stress and anxiety in health settings has made a profound difference to patients, families and the staff of many hospitals in Australia and beyond. In 2004, Catherine founded the HUSH Music Foundation to create music that provides a calm and healing environment for patients. The foundation donates music CDs to hospitals and has raised more than $1,000,000 to fund health programs in paediatric centres across Australia.

In 2009, Catherine founded, and is Executive Director of, the Australian Institute for Patient and Family Centred Care, which has developed significant resources to help healthcare providers develop effective and innovative partnerships with patients and families, thus improving the quality and safety of healthcare.

Catherine's work has been recognised widely, including through awards for clinical excellence and leadership from the Royal Children's Hospital and the Victorian Government, and nationally from the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards.