Dr Christine Durham OAM

Teacher and disability advocate.


Honours and awards

2014 VIC Senior Australian of the Year

Medal of the Order of Australia for service to education


Christine Durham OAM’s books and talks share stories of recovery following a catastrophic car accident that left her life turned upside-down with a broken brain, body and spirit.

As a disability advocate, Christine works tirelessly to bring greater awareness of the overwhelming footprint of trauma, road trauma and traumatic brain injury. She regularly speaks to a wide variety of audiences including community groups, academic, medical, business and educational professionals.

Despite Christine’s double vision and difficulties walking, talking and writing, lingering reminders of the car crash that occurred nearly 30 years ago, Christine completed a PhD in health sciences. Her dissertation delved into the experiences of dozens of people with acquired brain injury, their carers and supporting professionals. Christine’s work has ensured that the “keys to the brain injury cage” are readily available lest anyone ever find themselves locked in.

Her best-selling book Unlocking My Brain has been a profound resource for those who share her experience and for professionals working in healthcare.