Dr David Marsh OAM

Bali bombing first responder.


Honours and awards

Medal of the Order of Australia for service through the provision of immediate medical assistance to victims of the bombings which occurred in Bali on 12 October 2002


On the night of the 2002 Bali Bombings, David Marsh OAM found himself as one of the first Australians to provide medical assistance at the epicentre of the disaster response effort. The events of that night and its aftermath opened his eyes to the issues and challenges that restricted medical care in Bali.

David and his wife Clair started the Marsh Foundation, a charity that provides material support to improve healthcare outcomes in Bali. The foundation works with local governments to develop and resource action plans to assist in the prevention of common illnesses. It also organises shipments of donated surplus medical equipment to reach healthcare facilities throughout the region. These supplies range from consumables such as rubber gloves and syringes to outdated but functional hospital beds that would have been destined to landfill.

The Marsh Foundation started operating out of a spare room and has since expanded to a warehouse that ships out tonnes of medical equipment all over the world.