Eleanor Griffiths

Fitness advocate


Honours and awards

2018 VIC Senior Australian of the Year Finalist


An artist, teacher and fitness instructor, Eleanor Griffiths is a shining example of how vibrant life can be for senior Australians. Arguably Australia’s oldest aerobics instructor, 91-year-old Eleanor, known as ‘The Guru’, hosts jam-packed weekly classes at the YMCA’s Ashburton Pool and Recreation Centre. People over 50 travel from all over Melbourne to experience her unique and uplifting style of fitness.

The co-founder of the Ashburton Angels Foundation, Eleanor raises money to help disadvantaged members of the community enjoy the YMCA’s facilities and exercise classes. Thousands of dollars have been collected during Eleanor’s classes and countless members of the community are reaping the benefits as a result.

Passionate about engaging older people in exercise, believing that it is never too late to start, this grandmother is helping and inspiring others to stay fit, active and connected to their communities. In 2018, Eleanor was a finalist in the Victorian Senior Australian of the Year Awards.