Eleanor Moore

A leading pacifist, in 1915, Eleanor Moore was a founding member and International Secretary of the Sisterhood for International Peace.

Honour Roll

She was also an Executive Member of the Australian Peace Alliance, which advocated a negotiated peace during World War 1 and campaigned against conscription in 1916 and 1917.

As secretary of WILPF Australia from 1928, Eleanor remained its leading spokeswoman until her death in 1949. She represented WILPF at many international conferences and helped organise the Australian contribution to the Women's International Disarmament Petition in 1932. Eleanor was also a key figure in the Australian movement against the manufacture and use of atomic bombs following the use of these weapons against Japan in 1945.

An accomplished speaker, Eleanor was in much demand throughout Australia traveling all over the country to represent the views of various peace and disarmament organisations. She was also an accomplished writer, publishing The Quest for Peace as I have Known It in Australia, a key source for the history of the Australian Peace movement, and What Shall We Do with the Japanese?