Engaging men and boys in violence prevention

Men and boys have a critical role to play in preventing and addressing family violence.

Thursday 31 January 2019 5:43am

While there has been a significant shift in public discourse, perhaps heralding a new era of ‘healthier’ masculinity, there is still a long way to go.

Look no further than the widespread resistance to the global #MeToo movement, or than the fierce backlash to Gillette’s latest campaign, which calls on men to challenge each other to be the best version of themselves.

Dr Michael Flood, is an internationally recognised researcher of men, masculinities, and violence prevention, who has dedicated his life to understanding the complexities of engaging men in the issue of gender equality.  

His new book Engaging Men and Boys in Violence Prevention, highlights barriers and effective strategies for the prevention of family violence, sexual violence, harassment and other forms of abuse.

Flood identifies the following barriers to engaging men and boys in violence prevention:

  • A vested interest in the status quo
  • Violence against women as a ‘women’s issue’
  • Support for sexist and violence-supportive attitudes and norms
  • Overestimation of other men’s comfort with violence and their unwillingness to intervene
  • Loyalty to other men
  • Negative reactions to violence prevention efforts
  • Lack of knowledge or skills in intervention
  • Lack of opportunity or invitation

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Reviewed 23 June 2021

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