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Advise government on the implementation of the Statewide Family Violence Action Plan


Who is leading the change

  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

The Victorian Secretaries Board advise the government on all measures to be taken to develop, implement and coordinate the Statewide Family Violence Action Plan (including any adaptations that should be made to the plan in the future), among them:

  • preparation of a 10-year industry plan for family violence prevention and response
  • areas where joint budget bids should be made in order to give effect to new proposals
  • collection, sharing and use of information to enhance system performance
  • means of ensuring aligned policy development and implementation, as well as avoiding gaps and overlaps in departmental service provision
  • oversight, development and adaptation of regional structures to give effect to the Statewide Family Violence Action Plan
  • development of processes for identifying Commonwealth and state and territory funding expended on matters relevant to family violence—including funding expended on universal services that are relevant to family violence and the cost of grants made for family violence–related projects
  • a strategy for purchasing or modifying data collection systems relevant to family violence—including systems used by Victoria Police, the Magistrates’ Court of Victoria, the Children’s Court of Victoria and the Department of Health and Human Services—to ensure there is capability to link information relevant to the safety of victims of family violence and their children
  • Our approach to this recommendation is to develop the following components:

    • Ending Family Violence: Victoria’s Plan for Change (the 10 Year Plan)
    • Free from Violence: Victoria’s Strategy to prevent family violence and all forms of violence against women (Primary Prevention Strategy)
    • Recommendation-by-Recommendation Acquittal
    • Rolling Action Plans approximately every three years
    • 10-Year Industry Plan

    The Victorian Secretaries Board Sub-committee on Family Violence Reform (VSB-SC) will advise and collaborate with ministers on the development and implementation of reform as specified in the 10 Year Plan and Rolling Action Plan.

    The VSB-SC and Cabinet will be supported by a dedicated branch in the Department of Premier and Cabinet to monitor and report on the implementation of Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations and actions as outlined in the components of the 10 Year Plan.

  • This recommendation has been implemented.

  • Implemented.

Reviewed 17 May 2020

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