Amend the National Credit Code and Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code to include specific family violence financial hardship provisions

Recommendation 108


Who is leading the change

Department of Justice and Community Safety

The Victorian Government, through the Council of Australian Governments, encourage the Commonwealth Government to:

  • amend the National Credit Code to include family violence as a ground for financial hardship and develop an awareness campaign to ensure that both consumers and credit providers are aware of their rights and responsibilities
  • work with the Australian Communications and Media Authority and its related representative bodies and associations to amend the Telecommunications Consumer Protections Code to:
  • list minimum eligibility criteria for access to hardship programs
  • make family violence an express eligibility criterion
  • incorporate a requirement for specific policies for customers experiencing family violence to clarify consent requirements for payment plans when an account is jointly held
  • include grounds for splitting jointly held debt and removing an account holder’s name if family violence has occurred