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Develop a model to strengthen the investigation of family violence offences


Who is leading the change

  • Victoria Police

Victoria Police develop a model to strengthen the investigation of family violence offences and focus additional specialist investigative and intelligence resources on serious family violence offending. Victoria Police should develop performance measures for the revised approach, against which it reports annually and publicly. To improve the investigation of family violence, Victoria Police should:

  • embed investigators in family violence teams where appropriate
  • ensure that investigation and response teams take on or actively oversee investigations
  • give tactical and divisional intelligence support to family violence teams
  • give family violence team members access to the field investigator’s course
  • equip first responders with technology that will facilitate timely on-site evidence capture
  • ensure that family violence advisors are involved with divisional tasking and coordination committees and that advisors are of an appropriate rank to participate effectively
  • Victoria Police has conducted a review of family violence team arrangements. The review examined the roles and responsibilities of family violence teams and recommended how to best provide a consistent structure and operating model for policing family violence.

    The new operating model is informed by successful local models providing a strengthened focus on investigation and intelligence for family violence, supported by a new education framework and improved career structures within family violence policing.

  • To strengthen the investigation of family violence offences, Victoria Police has:

    • introduced the Family Violence Investigation Model - Concept of Operation in July 2018
    • commenced deployment of the specialist personnel, as outlined in response to recommendation 49
    • commenced a training needs analysis of the family violence specific training required by police at all levels and in all roles
    • commenced development of family violence specific training for all specialist personnel
    • prepared for the trial of the use of body worn cameras to take evidence in chief statements from victims of family violence incidents in two trial locations
  • Implemented.

Reviewed 17 May 2020

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