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Establish a governance structure for implementing the Commission's recommendations


Who is leading the change

  • Department of Premier and Cabinet

The Victorian Government establish a governance structure for implementing the Commission’s recommendations and overseeing systemic improvements in family violence policy. The structure should consist of:

  • a bipartisan standing parliamentary committee on family violence
  • a Cabinet standing sub-committee chaired by the Premier of Victoria
  • a family violence unit located in the Department of Premier and Cabinet
  • a Statewide Family Violence Advisory Committee
  • Family Violence Regional Integration Committees, supported by Regional Integration Coordinators
  • an independent Family Violence Agency established by statute
  • A strong system of governance has been established to oversee implementation of the Royal Commission into Family Violence recommendations and support integrated development and implementation of the related family violence reform.

  • The following elements of reform governance are in place:

    • an independent statutory Family Violence Reform Implementation Monitor
    • a bipartisan parliamentary committee (the Legal and Social Issues Standing Committee) with oversight of family violence (among other portfolios)
    • a subcommittee of Cabinet
    • a dedicated family violence subcommittee of the Victorian Secretaries Board
    • a dedicated Family Violence Branch in the Department of Premier and Cabinet. The Branch undertakes whole of reform monitoring and reporting activities, with advice provided to the Premier, the Cabinet subcommittee and the family violence subcommittee of the Victorian Secretaries Board
    • a Family Violence Steering Committee to guide and inform the development of the reform agenda
    • an Industry Taskforce to provide advice on family violence sector readiness and workforce reform
    • Family Violence Regional Integration Committees (FVRICs) provide strategic leadership to strengthen integrated responses to family violence at the local level, and they contribute to the achievement of reform objectives through the Family Violence Reform Advisory Group and regular engagement with Family Safety Victoria
    • a Victim Survivors’ Advisory Council to inform and challenge the direction and approach of the reform process from the perspective of victim survivors
    • a family violence coordination agency, Family Safety Victoria, which commenced operation from July 2017. Family Safety Victoria leads on the delivery of some of the government’s key family violence reform commitments
    • a Centre for Workforce Excellence, housed within Family Safety Victoria, to build workforce capacity and capability in partnership with the family violence sector
    • a dedicated primary prevention agency, Respect Victoria, to ensure greater coordination of prevention activities and a sustained and enduring focus on the prevention of family violence across Victoria
  • Implemented.

Reviewed 28 July 2021

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