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Evaluate current localised models for family violence teams


Who is leading the change

  • Victoria Police

Victoria Police’s Family Violence Command evaluate current localised models for family violence teams and from 1 July 2017 roll out preferable operating models in areas with similar family violence incident patterns.

  • Victoria Police has conducted a review of family violence team arrangements. The review examined the roles and responsibilities of family violence teams and recommended how to best provide a consistent structure and operating model for policing family violence.

    The new operating model is informed by successful local models providing a strengthened focus on investigation and intelligence for family violence, supported by a new education framework and improved career structures within family violence policing.

  • Victoria Police commenced implementation of the Family Violence Investigation Model in July 2018.

    The model provides for a specialist investigative response by a range of dedicated, ongoing police and support personnel, including family violence-specific training officers, intelligence analysts, police managers, investigators, trainers, court liaison officers, clinicians and project personnel.

    The operating model is supported by performance measures (recommendations 46, 47 and 48) to assist with monitoring compliance with the new policies and practices, and to ensure continuous improvement.

    The model allows for local areas to also incorporate service responses that target family violence incident patterns (e.g. Taskforce Alexis operating in Southern Metro Region).

  • Implemented.

Reviewed 17 May 2020

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